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Reality as Simplicity

 Here is a preprint of a paper just submitted to Brain Research Bulletin. It is a bit high-level, but hopefully it will stimulate some thinking and discussions. 

Presence and Reality

What is Reality? Is there something out there, or are we all figments of your imagination? Science fiction fans may recognize these questions from movies like the Matrix or books such as Permutation City (G. Egan) and Neuromancer (W. Gibson), which have addressed this issue in a brilliant, thought-provoking and very entertaining way. But this question has now transcended both fancy and philosophy and is an active area of research with a potentially tremendous social impact.

A 30 minute walk from your nearest telepresence gateway

Are you atrophied?  You know, do have any organs or faculties "diminished in size or strength" as a result of lack of use? If you suspect you are, here are two easy things you can do to help.

Mr. Tompkins in VR

Mr. Tompkins in VR

A few years ago, when I was still in college (ok, maybe it was more than a few years ago) I read and enjoyed a little book from George Gamow titled Mr. Tompkins in paperback.  As you can read in Wikipedia, the books are structured as a series of dreams in which Mr Tompkins enters alternate worlds where the physical constants have radically different values from those they have in the real world. This results in the counterintuitive results of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics becoming obvious in everyday life.

My interactive session on Presence Apps at Dubrovnik

I attach my poster with the comments and inputs from people during the Dubrovnik Summer School interactive session on Presence Applications. Very interesting ideas!

2nd Summer School opening (Dubrovnik, July 9th 2008)

Good morning everyone, good morning students and teachers, and welcome to the second Peach summer school.

My name is Giulio Ruffini and I work at Starlab in Barcelona. I don't really like giving talks, so in the spirit of this meeting and in an experimental fashion I am having my computer give the talk for me.   I will try to animate the presentation with some facial expression dynamics.

Fused Reality (FUR)?

This is a short blog note to put down an idea, inspired by the note regarding Virtuality kicks back.

I think that Fused Reality is a better term to describe the concept of natural interaction between the real and the virtual. Ultimately we will not pay attention to this distinction.

We will rather think in terms of a single,  Fused Reality.

I think it is a term and concept that goes a bit beyond the Mixed Reality concept.  But feel free to disagree!

RAVE-08 Opening

Good morning everyone and welcome to the RAVE.

It is fantastic to see how many of you have joined us today. Certainly more than we anticipated!

RAVE means Real Actions in Virtual Environments. As you have not doubt inferred, this is an event in the context of Presence research but with a sharper focus: eliciting and measuring real actions in virtual environments.

Reality bubbles and some Grand Challenges

Perhaps a useful vision for the field is that we are trying to develop technologies empowering us to control our reality through efficient control of information. We want to regulate how we "see" the universe, and how the universe sees us.

In the context of human-machine  confluence, in Presence we are trying to develop the ultimate interfaces. Presence can be seen as the ultra-interface, because if through this membrane you feel it is real, you will be more empowered. Of course, you may want to have control over that as well!

Presence and Presence 2007

I would like to write down some thoughts after the first day of the conference.  I think it is becoming clearer to everyone what Presence is about and what is not.

Presence is a word used to describe a phenomenon. It is also used to describe a field of research. This makes discussions confusing sometimes. Let us look at the Presence phenomenon.

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