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One early but important conclusion collected by Peach is that there is a clear need for unification and focus of efforts.  A challenging and visionary project centered on the main questions and goals of Presence Science and Technology can provide an efficient framework for focus and establish a consensus on the key questions and objectives to be addressed.

Such a visionary project could bring together several communities working today in the field, and should have a time scale of around 5 to 10 years, with, e.g., 3-year milestones, while opening up a large set of powerful applications.
There are some basic considerations in the definition of such a Grand Challenge.   
Such a project should be at core objective of Presence:  producing measurably "real" experiences through sensorial replacement and interaction with "bits". Should be ambitious, hard, medium to long term (~10 year horizon with 3 year milestones say). It should engage the needed communities (presumably in Human Cognition, Human-Machine Interaction) and Machine Cognition around a focal problem. Finally, should a project should lead to major advancement in Presence Theory, Experiment and Technology, and result in major positive social impact.
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WinG1 is the Society, Science and Technology watch Working Group, which main contribution is to monitor the latest developments and relevant technologies.
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by Anonymous
WinG2 is the Presence Interdisciplinary Actions working group, which main contribution is to analyze the different disciplines related to Presence and propose actions to support interdisciplinary work
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by Andreas Schwein...
WinG3 Protocols and Standards is a Working Group, which main contribution is to provide recommendations for protocols and standards for experimental work and data sharing.
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by rodmc
WinG4 is the Working Group responsible for discussing social, ethical and legal issues of Presence research. In addition, this working aims also to provide recommendations for improving Market interaction
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by giulio.ruffini
WinG5 is the Visions, Roadmaps, the ERA. Responsible for defining potential research scenarios. visions for future research, development of key technologies, etc.
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by giulio.ruffini
WinG6 aims to define objectives and communication strategies to reach the public. The results from the discussions of this working group will have a strong impact on keho contents.
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by cristina.martin
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This is a space for open discussion on any other Presence related topics.
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This section is meant to be used by community members as a job offer service
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This is a forum to post RAVE news.
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What participants say, announcements, information, etc.
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