What is Peach?

Presence research focuses on understanding, generating and achieving control over the cognitive experience of being somewhere, or someone. If it feels real, then it is Presence. Here "it" may refer to the environment, the body, or even perceived agency (as defined in AI).  It is by nature a deeply interdisciplinary field spanning an extremely wide range of subjects.

The objective of the field is therefore to  produce "real" experiences through sensorial replacement, sensorial augmentation and interaction with "bits" (full or partial immersion in simulated reality). Presence is a scientific and technological multi-disciplinary field requiring joint work in Human Cognition, Human-Machine interaction and Machine Cognition.

As simple measure of success for  Presence technologies is this: If it feels real then it is Presence.

WHAT IS Peach?
Peach is a three year FP6 Coordination Action (CA) on Presence let by Starlab Barcelona. The action was initiated on May 1st 2006 and will last until April 30th 2009. The CA is financially supported by the European commission under the Future Emerging Technologies (FET) - Information Society Technology (IST) programme nursery of novel and emerging scientific ideas. Its main objective is to stimulate structure and support the Presence research community (academic & industry), with special attention to the challenges associated to the interdisciplinary character of the field, and to produce visions and roadmaps to support the construction of the Presence ERA.
You can contact the PEACH Coordinator (Dr. Giulio Ruffini, Starlab Barcelona SL) and the PEACH team at info@peachbit.org

The Peach Consortium

Starlab Starlab Barcelona S.L
Coordinator + Roadmap and integration in the ERA activity leaders
NU Napier University
Dissemination activities leaders
ITI Informatics and Telematics Institute. Center for Research and Technology
Data, Protocols & Standards activity leaders + summer workshops activity leaders
ITIA Instituto di Tecnologie Industriali Automazione, National Research Council of Italy
Society, Science and Technology (SST) Watch activity leaders
FIT Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT
Contributors to SST watch, Landscape, Roadmap
TI Telecom Italia
Market interaction activity leaders
OII University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute
Social, Ethical, Legal Aspects activity leader
FER University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Contributors to SST watch, Landscape analysis, Summer Workshops, and dissemination
TUM Institute of Automatic Control Engineering (LSR) Technische Universitaet Muenchen
Research Landscape and disciplinary Bridging activity leaders
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