The Peach Consortium is fostering the contact of researchers with market actors, both industry and SMEs, in order to obtain guidance on future market trends and opportunities. Involving commercial players in the early development stages of a new field is conducive to an efficient development of future relevant technologies and enhancing market receptivity. Presence Research focuses on improving the quality of experience with virtual and mixed-reality systems, with applications in communications, commerce, training, education, health.
Peach is carrying out a Market analysis of Presence technologies, a key element to consider in order to define the visions of the science, as well as to complement the social impact. The goal is to identify market and business models, to define market trends and prospect and to identify future business opportunities for technologies services and applications in the field of Presence research. This analysis will be published in two issues: the first issue is available from April 2008.
Peach is performing a market analysis of the Presence field and found out that numerous companies have an interest and are active in the Presence field. A reasoned list of 122 companies has been published on April 2008. We welcome companies to apply to be listed or to contribute updating their information in our public file.
Available Documents 

  1. Presence Research & Technology: Future Markets [Issue 1], April 2008
  2. Annex 1, Reasoned Presence Company List, April 2008
  3. Annex 2, Overview on Social Presence, April 2008

We encourage your comments via email [ + email peach industry ].
Join our activities!

Stating your interest to the Peach activities would benefit by:

  1. being eligible to be added to the Presence company list
  2. being updated with the documents released by Peach on Presence
  3. networking with other players in this area and the active research community
  4. opting to take part to Peach research-related activities (e.g. participating in Working Group meetings, Summer Schools, Industry Event)
  5. getting in touch with potential interns suggested by the Academic community working on Presence
  6. suggesting and influencing the future Calls for IST 8th Framework Programme projects, which is one of the explicit goals of PEACH
  7. being eligible for travelling/accomodation reimbursement in case of active participation to our activities (Working Group meetings, Summer Schools, Industry Event)

Peach is also promoting the participation of key Industry players to Summer School events, and asking market players to discuss on Social Impact, Ethics and Legal issues.