First Presence Future Markets online for discussion

First issue of the Presence Future Markets deliverable is online for discussion [+ download 1part; + download 2part; + download 3part]

The document is composed of a main section, discussing the application fields for Presence and two annexes: Annex 1 is a reasoned list of Presence-related companies and Annex 2 consists of on overview on Social Presence.

With this deliverable we are carrying out a preliminary market analysis of Presence technologies, services, and applications in the fields of Presence research. In the main document a summarised overview of Presence enabling technologies provides a basic background for the discussion that follows. An analytical presentation of the identified Presence application areas is then proposed. For each application area we give a global description, several characteristic use cases by existing companies and an analysis of enabling technologies that are crucial for each particular application area.

The same application areas have been used in organising the Presence company DB (Annex 1) that now contains 122 companies, on top of which an analysis of these companies by their areas of competence, markets (application areas) and geographical location has been done.

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