PEACH meets VISNET at VISNET II Industry day

Hosted by Telecom Italia (Lab) in Torino, the VISNET II Industry Day (May 20th 2008) represented an opportunity for people coming from industries, solution providers, and integrators that work in the field of the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to take a look at the future trends in these two scenarios and to discuss with researchers from VISNET II about technology exchange and transfer. VISNET II is a Network of Excellence supported by the European Commission within the VI FP‐ICT (VI Framework Programme, Information and Communication Technologies) with a clear vision for integration, research and dissemination plans. VISNET II aims at strengthening scientific and technological excellence on the area of networked audiovisual media technologies by integrating resources and expertise on that topic. The project includes a wide range of jointly executed research activities that are clustered in three themes: video coding, audiovisual processing and security. PEACH and Cisco offered a panel session focusing on tele-Presence and co-Presence. You can find more information here. Peach slides attached (others will be available at the VISNET site).

Download slides.