Peach Industry Event NEWSLETTER

The PEACH Industry Event is a conference and exhibition, organized by PEACH and Telecom Italia, taking place on  November 12-13, 2008 at Centro Congressi Torino Incontra, Turin (Italy), and co-located with the VIEW 2008 | Digital Transformations conference. PEACH (Presence Research in Action) is a coordination action funded under the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission for Future and Emerging Technologies. Telecom Italia is partner of the PEACH consortium and is responsible for promoting market interaction.
During the Event international experts on Presence will discuss on the present and future markets of this area, giving examples of commercial applications, deepening R&D outcomes, bringing demonstrations and products. The Presence Science studies how to create the “real” sensation of virtually being somewhere, alone or with someone else, and has applications in virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual worlds and social presence.
Telecom Italia will enrich the PEACH Industry Event and VIEW 2008 providing the 1000VIEW of Torino service trial, implemented by the R&D labs of Telecom Italia in Turin. The service will enable all participants to the event to send photos from their mobile phones, which will be published real-time on a large screen in the congress centre and on web/mobile portal. The service will simply require to use a MMS-enabled mobile phone, shoot a photo and send it following the instructions which will be provided during the event. Users will eventually be able to comment and vote photos.
During the two-day event, we will hear from several speakers, including the keynote speech by Miguel Carrero, director in the Communications, Media and Entertainment area of Hewlett Packard, who will address the revolutionary technologies of immersive communication, and the keynote by Mel Slater, professor at University College London and at Universidad Politècnica de Catalunya, founder of two Virtual Reality labs, who will update us on the power of this technology. Moreover Stenley Yang, CEO of Linded Lab, creators of Second Life virtual worlds will be present, and representatives of a number of companies involved in developing brain-computer interfaces will explain how these devices will disrupt the gaming world and not only, for instance empowering us to control an avatar through brain waves. The exhibition area will host demonstrations of several top Italian and international companies, and you could try to virtually fly thanks to a paraglider virtual reality simulator.
PEACH and VIEW will finally organize a joint round table with the participation of experts from both events, involved in worldwide innovation on several topics, who will discuss on the future of digitalization.
Participating to the PEACH Industry Event requires a free of charge registration filling in the available module. More details on VIEW 2008 | Digital Transformations are available on the official website.