A 30 minute walk from your nearest telepresence gateway

Are you atrophied?  You know, do have any organs or faculties "diminished in size or strength" as a result of lack of use? If you suspect you are, here are two easy things you can do to help.

First of all, throw out your Tv. You probably spend way too much time watching it, the equivalent of several years of your lifte. Recent studies indicate we spend an average of about 3 hours watching tv or movies (but mostly commercials). This is one eight of a day. This is one eighth of your life, about 10 years. Ten years watching Tv?!! This will certainly atrophy your mind, and your legs, and you heart - even if you watch interesting documentaries all the time. And you can do pretty cool things with those 3 extra hours you will gain.

Which brings me to the second bit: park your car. How about walking a bit? Do you take your car or motorbike to go to the store next block? Look around you: cars are a plague! They are a plague in motion, they are a parked plague, and a serious source of CO2. Not only that. The doc would be very happy if you walked about 1 hour per day. That would mean about 4-6 km per day. If you practice, after a month or so your walking speed will increase to more than 6 km per hour. This will get you a lot of places in a city like Barcelona!  Just for fun, take a look at the picture of Barcelona, with a 2.5 and 3 km radius circles drawn in. Imagine walking to work everyday like that.... imagine the savings, the well-being, and the happier planet.

On a bicycle you can triple that speed easily. Think about that! Take your ipod and go. Sure, it will take a bit of effort the first days, but if you get over that hurdle, you'll be home free (and no atrophy..).  And recent studies show that the more people bicycle, the less accidents they have with cars.

And here is something else we can do.  After all, it is unreasonable to think we can walk to all our meetings, or even to work in many cases. Depending on our work we may have to take trains or planes to meet with other people or visit a far away doctor. What we can reasonably ask then is that we have, within a 2.5 km radius, a telepresence gateway, a window to somewhere else beyond our walking radius. Something like a tele-presence (TP) solution, a window into another room where we can meet, face to face, with somebody else. This is not science fiction (e.g., CISCO and HP are already commercializing such systems), but today it is still expensive. The technology is there, but not the mass market. Bandwidth is very limited (especially in Spain, where the concept of symmetric DSL seems foreign to our telecom providers).  Can we, together, push to make it a practical, real solution?

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