Peach WinGs

If you create an account in the Peach web, automatically you will become a member of the Peach Presence community. Being a member will allow you to participate in the Peach activities through the Working Groups (WinGs). WinGs are meant to provide an effective tool to collect inputs from the Community, and achieve a great variety of opinions to foster Presence research.

WinGs List SST Watch [WinG1] This virtual WinG will realize a Watch Task, providing structure and content supporting the Community aspects of the Web Site with key and timely information on Society, Science and Technology Watch, including players, technologies, new developments, related projects, events and funding opportunities. It will also monitor trends in society and identify hot issues. It will use as a platform, using email to announce updates.

Interdisciplinary Actions [WinG2] To analyze the research landscape, including disciplines and working groups, and interdisciplinary bottlenecks, and to propose actions to support interdisciplinary work in Presence.

Protocols and Standards [WinG3] To review existing standards in Presence (technologies, protocols, data formats, etc), provide recommendations for protocols and standards for experimental work and data and software sharing.

Social Impact, Ethics and Legal Issues [WinG 4] To analyze social impact scenarios, to raise and address potential ethical issues related to Presence technologies, and impact on society, and then to provide recommendations to policy makers. In addition, to provide recommendations for improving Market interaction. Support establishment of working links with industry, better orient lines of work through push and pull of ideas.

Visions, Roadmaps, the ERA [WinG5] To define potential research scenarios, and based on them a vision or visions for future research and the development of key technologies needed for Presence, as well as measurement methods; to translate these into research roadmaps; to support policy making in order to develop the ?presence ERA?.

Public Understanding [WinG6] To define objectives and communication strategies to reach the public; to analyze issues and hurdles for public acceptance.