Join us at the ICT 2008 Peach Networking Event!

Human-Computer Confluence and the next wave in European research

This session aims to explore the potential for a grass-roots initiative aiming to stimulate and support the research path-finding pioneers in all the emerging human-computer confluence (HC-CO) ICT areas to ensure a rapid, sound evolution of these fields in which Europe is increasingly playing a major role. Creation must rely on interaction, and effective interaction is what we seek to create. It is our aim to expand the 'FET-spirit' as it lives in a number of small and medium sized research organisations to the wider community in Europe, thus effectively creating the best conditions for adventurous creative thinking to take place.
This session is supported by the Presence community through the PEACH Coordination Action and also by Starlab and the DelphicNet initiative.
The networking session will be organised as a market with demands and offers where attendees will be invited to contribute on the day and also to join the long term initiative.
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Coordinator: Stephen DUNNE
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Philippe DE WILDE (Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom), 12/08/2008 17:23
How can we incorporate the recent results from cognitive neuroscience and neuroeconomics into the human-computer confluence? I am interested to discuss this with Starlab participants to this session.
Philippe De Wilde
Heriot-Watt University
Brendan ALLISON (University of Bremen, Germany), 25/09/2008 11:17
This looks like an excellent session! I am coordinating a related session, #707, regarding brain - computer interfaces. Depending on the scheduling, perhaps our two networking groups could chat in Lyon.
Brendan Allison
University of Bremen
Stephen DUNNE (Starlab, Spain), 29/09/2008 10:09
I think the potential attendees of session #707 are precisely the type of group we are aiming for, we should certainly try to bring the two together.
Check out for an example of the type of research we would like to foster.
Stephen Dunne

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