Industry Event was a success

The 2008 PEACH industry event was a fantastic event. We are very thankful for the excellent organization by Telecom Italia, and the gracious hosting by VIEW 2008 /Comune di Torino. Please search "Industry Event" in this website for further information, slides, etc., or go straight to the official website,

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Peach Industry Event - Torino

Dear All,

I assisted to the Peach Industry Event as attendant and I have to congratulate to all the organizing committee for the quality of the conference. The selection of topics was very well done and they covered all the branches in HCI and virtual reality.
I learned a lot about what is going on in the industry, which I think, gives a new perspective and new ideas to all of us who are working just in the academic field (especifically pursuing a PhD).
Thanks a lot for the opportunity to assist and it was a great event.

Diana Arellano (Universitat de les Illes Balears)

Impressions from the event... and a thought...

They say that it is fruitful to gather, learn, see, touch and discuss on your favorite theme/topic/area with persons who, due to their position and/or interest have very different perspectives on it.

And this was exactly the case in the 2008 PEACH industry event! I feel very lucky, as a new researcher in the area of Presence, having had the opportunity to listen to and socialize with so many companies' representatives, researchers, investors, public officials and entrepreneurs with so different perspectives on Presence technologies.

Events like this help you to avoid the state that in the Murphy's laws is described as the "Whole Picture Principle" (e.g. "Research Scientists are so wrapped up in their own narrow endeavours that they cannot possibly see the whole picture of anything, including their own research").

Thank you Peach for giving me the opportunity to attend the 2008 PEACH industry event!

Nikiforos Papachristos

P.S. Even though different perspectives are always important, it is their meaningful synthesis under a common conceptual framework that can help us understand the phenomenon and utilize it... It might be very helpful to have a session at the end of events like this that would try to synthesize all proposed or presented aspects.