ICT Networking Session

The ICT Networking session was a great success. Community members discussed the next wave in European Research and offered or demanded expertise. The offers and demands done during the session are available at the Offers & Demands service.

General Demands for HCC were:

Positive, Fair, Professional media about BCI´s and applications
Direct Brain to Brain Communication is hard. The use of BCIs to identify the best times to:
eat ..
There is a demand to develop:
- brain to brain communication, mediated by BCI (!)
- exoskeleton control for enhancing human physical capabilities
- direct, non-mediated access to digital memory from the brain (google accessed by your brain...)
- direct, non-mediated access and consumption of multimedia content (movies enjoyed in your mind...)
- direct, non-mediated creation of digital content (your dreams becomes digital and real...)
- direct, non-mediated sharing of digital content (your thoughts shared with your friends)
- direct, non-mediated emotional communication (feel what I feel inside)
Development of mathematical and algorithmic models of embodied cognition as function of experience
Demand for motional communication direct & non-mediated (feel what I feel inside)

General Offers:

HCII conference (Human Computer Interaction International) July 19th - 24th San Diego, special session on BCIs