ICT Networking Session Game 1st prize Winners

At ICT2008 Peach Networking session on HCC and the Next Wave in european Research a Game was organized. The game was focus on working groups which provided ideas on potential HCC future projects. The best idea submitted, and winner of the game was:

KIWI - KISS INITIALLY WITHOUT INHIBITION (a dating confluence system) by: Giuseppe Riva, Brenda Wiederhold, Chris Moore, Marlene Thomsen and Gunter Edlinger

GOAL: To help people find the "right" partner in social events. TECHNOLOGY IN USE: 1.-"emotional shirt" can collect data on a number of physiological signlas to determine the emotional state of the wearer. This data can be used by the individual to understand their feelings as well as to make their feelings visible to a "potential partner" EXAMPLE: The shirt turns red = "go away", the shirt turns "green" = stay a while. 2.-Behavioural analysis system tracks communications of subjects and their movements. It analyses signals to determine if the individual is a "good match". Printout of visual data/results of all interactions for the evening ('Speed dating"). Analysis of the data for the evening can be used in a predicting way with a new population. EXAMPLE: the first event might be with 20 people and identify the strong profile. This data could then be extrapolated to a large population of say 100 people. The winners have won a grant for a total of 500 euros to cover travel and lodging expenses to attend the Peach Science Fair and Working Groups consultation meeting 14th and 15th April 2009 Edinburgh (UK).