ICT Networking Session Game 2nd prize Winners

TANGIBLE CREATIVITY by: Andrea Gaggioli, Zala, George Sielis, Amir Winer, Brendan Allison THE PROBLEM: Creativity is usually considered an abstract process: we want to make ideas tangible and accessible. Ideas have multiple ways of being expressed and represented. However, most computer - supported creativity tools are context-insensitive and textually based: this limits the full potential of sensory modalities. THE SOLUTION: 1.- Idas are represented by multiple sensorial and tangible modalities (picture, video,...) 2.- Sensorial attributes of ideas are aggregated and tagged 3.- Users access the ideas from the repository and use them in real contexts and situations 4.- Users can bring back the contextualized ideas to the repository 5.- The system will establish links to external repositories based on tags, semantics... The winners won a set of videos (DVDs) of conversations of Presence. Contact details are required. Please email peach @ starlab.net for further details.