Peach @ EU events

Peach has participated in a wide number of events organized by the European Union(EU). It has also collaborated in the organization of events organized by other EU funded projects, and participated in EU or international events of relevance for the Presence field. Information relative to all these events, and forthcoming ones is available in this section. EU events announcements:

  1. (EU) ICT 2006 Helsinki, Finland
    • Peach Networking Session
  2. (Int.) Presence 2007 Barcelona, Spain - 25/27th October 2007
  3. (EU) CyberWalk Workshop Tuebingen, Germany - 17th, 18th April 2008
    • Peach Financially supported the organization of this event (granny videos)
  4. (EU) VISNET II Industry day Torino, Italy - 20th May 2008
  5. Presence 2008 Padova, Italy - October 2008
  6. (EU) Presence and the Science of Virtual Reality Haifa, Israel (Immersence, Presenccia) - 3,4,5 November 2008
  7. (EU) ICT2008 Lyon, France- 25th November 2008
  8. (EU) Peach Invited to ICT Proposer's day FET session Budapest 22nd January 2009
  9. (EU) Peach Invited to Jornada 4ª convocatoria ICT-VII PM. FET Open and FET Proactive initiatives - Barcelona, Spain - 04 Feb 2009
  10. (EU) eSociety Barcelona, Spain - 25/28 Feb 2009
  11. (EU) Science Beyond Fiction Prague, 21/23 April 2009