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Everyone is getting socially networked and so is Keho - Join the Keho facebook group. Keho is the FP6 Peach project online magazine dedicated to serving the Presence community (Academic, industry, Public in general).

Do you have something to say about the direction that Presence research should take, the challenges this research is facing or visions for the future? Are you involved in any interesting research that you would like to share with the Presence community? Use Keho to share your ideas, activities and opinions.

Keho is looking for articles, opinions, reviews and news. The next issue of keho will be published in Autumn 2008, to be notified by email subscribe: , or submit a Forum topic with your suggestions at [ + Public Understanding Forum ]

[ Keho issue 4 cover keho issue 4 - October 2008]

[ Keho issue 3 cover keho issue 3 - May 2008]

[ Keho issue 2 cover keho issue 2 - October 2007]

[ Keho issue 1 cover Keho issue 1 - April 2007 ]

[ Keho issue 0 cover Keho issue 0 - December 2006 ]